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ProxyCountry(city)Responseuptime (New London)100%4.184 (Chiang Mai)100%2.043 (Northridge)100%4.853
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Country: United States(US)
Region: VA
City: Ashburn
This site is the fastest, anonymous and free proxies lists with the best uptime.
Our proxy are absolutely free. We test them not less than 1 times a day and estimating the maximum percentage availability (uptime). The response time of the free proxy from the Internet increases the high load and inscription in the black lists popular resources: Google, Yandex and other. Why not less than 1 times a day? The test frequency is determined from the experience: in most cases 70-80% free proxy become inaccessible already in the first day, the remaining become inaccessible for 1-2 weeks. A small part of them is "afloat" on more time. Therefore all proxy in our proxy to the list are the most rapid, accessible and completely free.
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